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Nayeon: [Placing a blueberry pie on the table] I call this the berry drunk asian pie
Nayeon: Because I was very drunk and asian when I made it


Jeongyeon: Wow JYP really hates us huh

Jihyo: Yeah… perhaps he’s homophobic

Jeongyeon: But we’re not gay

Jihyo: We’re not?


{Twice stuck on an island}

Jihyo: Okay everyone don’t panic

Dayhun: I’m too young to die!

Nayeon: I’m the youngest here, I’m too young to die!!!

Jeongyeon: This isn’t the way I wanted to go!

Tzuyu: [Still thinking about what Nayeon said] ??????

Chaeyoung: it’s okay ~

Sana: At least we’re together

Mina: Noooo!! I was in playing a farming game, now I can’t harvest my crops on time!

Momo: okay, but if we resort to cannbilism, would I taste like jokbal?


Sana, in the dorm kitchen every morning: EVERYONE RUN IN HERE AND COME GET Y’ALL KISSES


Mina: This is a load of tomfoolery
Nayeon: Who the hell is Tom?
Mina: No it’s a saying-
Nayeon: You’re cheating on me!?
Mina: I’m not-
Nayeon: Jihyo! Mina is cheating on me with some white boy called Tom!


Tzuyu: [Makes fun of Chaeyoung’s height every spare second]

{When Twice visits an Obstacle Course}

Tzuyu: [Failing so hard with her giraffe limbs]

Chaeyoung: [Laughing] Payback


Tzuyu: Are you more gay than you are catholic?
Chaeyoung: I don’t know, they’re at war


Chaeyoung: Whenever Nayeon catches me slumped over or sitting with bad posture she comes by me, rolls my shoulders back with her hands and sticks her knee in my upper back
Chaeyoung: She says ‘slouching is for ugly people.’


Nayeon: [Running to the door] Last one out’s a stupid idiot
Jihyo, standing outside with the other members: Nayeon we’re all outside. Waiting for you
Nayeon: [Crying] Now I’m the idiot
Sana: No you’re not
{Everyone rushes to hug her}


Mina: You know what maybe the lemon tree wasn’t such a bad idea…

Momo: I’m so glad, I’m so glad our lemon tree finally grew and sprouted lemony lemons

Mina: I mean, imagine, we can make lemonade, key lemon pie, lemon meringue pie.

Momo: I think the lemon tree is the most valuable property that we have.

Mina: I do agree. I think we should go to the bank, and get a loan; actually, I think we should get lemon tree insurance. And then get a loan, and use the lemon tree as collateral, because it is now insured.

Momo: I wish I was a lemon!

Mina: If you were a lemon, I would put you on my shelf and cherish you like I cherish all our lemons

Momo: I only hope that the whores aren’t stealing our lemons. Those naughty whores always steal lemons.

Mina: Those naughty whores always steal lemons

Momo: Those damn lemon stealing whores! No one will take our prized lemons from us.

Mina: Hey, hasn’t it been ten seconds since we looked at our lemon tree?

Momo: It has been about ten seconds since we looked at our lemon tree.

Sana: [Stealing lemons]

Momo: Hey, what the fuck!