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Dahyun: I’m getting a haircut today
Nayeon: Which one?
Dahyun: Strand #1043 it’s getting longer than the rest


Sana: Whenever a guy sleeps with lots of girls he is a “player” but whenever I do it I’m a “lesbian”


Sana: See I just don’t believe in this whole “don’t let people know how you feel” nonsense. I love telling people how I feel
Sana: Mostly because I love most people and I love telling them I love them


{At dinner}

Mina: [Looks around the table with a frown]

Jihyo: What’s wrong?

Mina: [Sad noot]

Jihyo: [Pulls out a bottle of ketchup from her purse]

Mina: [Happy noot]


{During sex}
Jeongyeon: I want you to hurt me
Nayeon: Your sister’s more successful than you
Jeongyeon: Wait
Nayeon: Not a big fan of the new haircut
Jeongyeon: Stop


Nayeon: [Sighs]


Nayeon: She sighs and yet no one asks her why she’s sighing.

Chaeyoung: Why are you sighing?

Nayeon: Because no asked why I sighed.

Chaeyoung: …¿¿¿what??¿??


Tzuyu: Did it hurt?
Sana: Did what hurt?
Tzuyu: When you broke through the Earth’s crust ascending from Hell


Tzuyu: A problems I have when shopping for clothes is that I’m so tall, that regular length skirts look like miniskirts.

Tzuyu: I suppose it’s better, or at least less embarrassing, than Chaeyoung who can wear regular skirts as knee length dresses.

Chaeyoung: Hey!


Jeongyeon: You look like my first wife
Momo: You were married before?
Jeongyeon: No


Tzuyu: May I take a picture of you?

Sana: Sure, but what is it for?

Tzuyu: It’s for my biology research project.

Sana: About what?

Tzuyu: I’m researching snakes