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Jihyo: [Holds up a cauliflower] What is this?
Momo: A cauliflower
Jihyo: [To Sana] And what did you say it was?
Sana: …
Sana: Ghost broccoli

Chaeyoung: Jihyo, it’s time to stop treating us like children! And it’s time to stop feeding us dragon-shaped chicken!

Jihyo: But you love your dragon nuggets.

Chaeyoung: We’re adults now! Tell her, Momo!

Momo, playing with her dragon nuggets: RAWRRR! RAWRRRR!

Momo: Have I ever told you how much I love you?

Jihyo: We’re not getting McDonald’s.

Momo: This is bullshit.

{Twice at a restaurant}
Jihyo: And I’ll have that without cheese
Momo: [Leaning her entire body into the waiter’s line of sight] I’ll have her cheese

Momo: I’m in the mood for a quickie
Jihyo: What?
Momo: A quickie. You know one of those tart things?
Jihyo: …
Jihyo: It’s pronounced quiche

Jihyo: Momo, why did you go out last night?

Momo: [Internally] Play dumb.

Momo: Who’s Momo?

Momo: [Internally] Not that dumb.

Momo: Hey, Jihyo. Guess what? Dahyun lost Sana
Jihyo: What?! Sana?!
Jihyo: My poor helpless little baby is out in the world, alone and unprotected?
Jeongyeon: I feel sorry for the world

Mina: You lost a lot of blood and passed out, do you remember anything?
Momo: Only the ambulance ride to the hospital
Jeongyeon: That wasn’t an ambulance, I drove you
Momo: But I heard a siren
Mina: That was Jihyo
Jihyo: I was WORRIED

Momo: [Posting in the Twice group chat] DID ANYONE SEE MY WIFE!!!! If you see her and if you find her lmk please!!!! SHE STOLE MY HEART!!!! GOOD MORNING EVERYONE HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!! ALOHA!! LIVE LAUGH LOVE!!! SMILE HAPPY DAY ALL!!

Jeongyeon: And so concludes this years secret Santa drawing. Just a quick reminder of the rules; 40,000 won limit, no perishable items and no homemade massage coupons, Sana.
Sana: Fine, then everyone will have to pay full price for them.
Momo: Oh Jeongyeon? I would like a 40,000 won gift card to any restaurant that serves nachos.
Jeongyeon: I don’t have you Momo
Momo: Not only do I know that you indeed have me but I also know who everyone else has.
Jihyo: That’s not possible
Momo: Perhaps not for an ordinary lady such as yourself, Jihyo. But for the brilliant mind of Detective Sherlock Hirai – I legally changed my name – it’s quite simply…. elementary
Momo: [Standing up dramatically] For you see, Nayeon made a face I only recognised from our bedroom which means she has Jeongyeon.
Nayeon: [Blushes]
Momo: Chaeyoung has Jihyo, her eyes keep shifting over to her
Chaeyoung: [Glancing over at Jihyo] No I don’t
Momo: Jihyo looked disgusted, which means she has Sana
Jihyo: [Throws up her hands in annoyance]
Momo: Tzuyu and Mina didn’t draw any names nor did they put their names in. They don’t want to participate
Tzuyu: We never do
Momo: Sana moves her mouth when she reads and she quite clearly said Chaeyoung
Sana: [Excitedly holding up her paper] I did get Chaeyoung!
Momo: Dahyun has Nayeon, she’s holding her paper name-side out
Dahyun: Oh you’re good
Momo: And I have Dahyun, which means Jeongyeon has me. I’ll be taking that gift card, Momma loves nachos.
Everyone: …
Jeongyeon: Shall we draw the names again and leave Momo out?
Everyone: YEAH!