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Jihyo: [Holds up a cauliflower] What is this?
Momo: A cauliflower
Jihyo: [To Sana] And what did you say it was?
Sana: …
Sana: Ghost broccoli

Jihyo: What are your best qualities?
Sana: I have soft hair and sometimes I cry because I love my friends too much

Chaeyoung: Mufasa’s death scene made me cry again 🙁

Jihyo: Aww

Sana: Don’t worry, he’s just a cartoon horse, not a real one

Chaeyoung: HORSE

Chaeyoung: H O R S E

Chaeyoung: ???

Sana: In my defense, i’ve never seen it


It’s Always Sunny in Seoul

Sana: I want in on this action because I’m bored to death sitting here

Jihyo: No, it’s a bad idea. Usually when you get involved somebody gets hurt.

Sana: That’s ridiculous. I’m just pallin’ around with the girls. How is anyone gonna get hurt?


Sana, walking into the kitchen shirtless: Hey, have you seen my top?

Mina: Yeah, Jihyo’s in her bedroom

Sana: When I found Jihyo it was like an angelic choir sang down from heaven

Nayeon: And when I found Momo she was wandering outside a Walmart at 2am

Anti: You monsters! Seducing men to do your evil will
Jihyo: [Standing next to Sana and Nayeon] I think perhaps you’ve got the wrong girl group

Jeongyeon: Bye guys, I’m going to pick up Jihyo
Momo: Pick up Jihyo from where?
Jeongyeon: Her boyfriend’s house
Sana, heartbroken: HER WHAT?!

JYP: Now girls, you’ll want to think very carefully about food storage. You do not want to attract any predatory animals 

Jihyo: Pretty sure there’s no predatory animals in Busan

Sana: That’s not true, there was that cheetah on the beach once 

Jihyo: That was a greyhound 

Sana: I know what I saw

Momo: Hey, Jihyo. Guess what? Dahyun lost Sana
Jihyo: What?! Sana?!
Jihyo: My poor helpless little baby is out in the world, alone and unprotected?
Jeongyeon: I feel sorry for the world