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Jeongyeon: [Leaves room to use bathroom]

Chaeyoung: That’s right. You tell ‘em what I told you. STAY OUT!


Jihyo: [Hears Sana singing in the shower]

Jihyo: [Presses ear against door]

Sana: 🎶 Jeong is a highway! I’m gonna ride her all night lo-ong!🎶

Jihyo: SANA!!


Momo: Not on my watch.


Momo: ‘Cause I don’t have one.


Sana: What do you say when you like someone of your own gender?

Jihyo: Sana, no….

Sana: Sarangay


{On Weekly Idol}

Host: Please show off your aegyo.

Momo: [Does aegyo]

Mina: [Does aegyo]

Jihyo: [Does nothing]

Host: Jihyo? Could you please do your aegyo?

Jihyo: What do you mean do my aegyo? I don’t need to do aegyo. I am aegyo.


{BTS performing Idol at an award show}

RM: I know what I am!!! I know what I want!!! I ain’t ever gonna change!!! I ain’t ever gonna trade!!! Trade up-

Mina, from backstage: NOOT NOOT!!!!!!!!!!!


Tzuyu: I like tits.

Nayeon: Tzuyu, that’s not the kind of…

Tzuyu: Blue tit, grey tit, great tit, Himalayan black-lored tit, I love all the birds.


Jihyo: [To sana] So what have you got?

Sana: Chlamydia

Jihyo: No I meant for the song


Dahyun: Did y’all hear JYP is gonna be a daddy?
Jihyo: Yeah I saw the tweets about it
Sana: Like daddy daddy or daddy kink? Sugar daddy?
Jihyo: As in his female life partner is pregnant
Sana: OHHH
Sana: Good for him, I wish JYP was my dad


Yves: I am kpop’s swan, Yves!

Mina: [Appears behind her with a knife] You want to rethink that statement?

Chuu: I am the loveliest penguin in all of kpop, Chuu!

Mina: [Pulls out a gun] What’chu say bitch?