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{Twice stuck on an island}

Jihyo: Okay everyone don’t panic

Dayhun: I’m too young to die!

Nayeon: I’m the youngest here, I’m too young to die!!!

Jeongyeon: This isn’t the way I wanted to go!

Tzuyu: [Still thinking about what Nayeon said] ??????

Chaeyoung: it’s okay ~

Sana: At least we’re together

Mina: Noooo!! I was in playing a farming game, now I can’t harvest my crops on time!

Momo: okay, but if we resort to cannbilism, would I taste like jokbal?


Mina: This is a load of tomfoolery
Nayeon: Who the hell is Tom?
Mina: No it’s a saying-
Nayeon: You’re cheating on me!?
Mina: I’m not-
Nayeon: Jihyo! Mina is cheating on me with some white boy called Tom!


Tzuyu: [Makes fun of Chaeyoung’s height every spare second]

{When Twice visits an Obstacle Course}

Tzuyu: [Failing so hard with her giraffe limbs]

Chaeyoung: [Laughing] Payback


Jeongyeon, a straight who stans Thanos: [Walking out of Bohemian Rhapsody] I don’t know it was kind of boring
Mina and Jihyo, certified bisexuals: Excuse me


Dahyun: Starsigns, Hogwarts house, Alignment, none of that matters. To find out who someone truly is, you need to only ask one question.

Dahyun: Do you dab, or do you yeet?


{JYP Artists Meeting}
JYP: I cannot believe your behaviour. I’m not running a summer camp I’m running a business, all of you need to step up and be more responsible or else there will be consequences. Do you understand me?
Stray Kids: Yes PD-nim
JYP: Got7. You need to start following your schedules! You can’t just ignore your jobs, if you want me to pay you then you need to do what’s asked of you.
Got7: We’re sorry PD-nim
JYP: And Twice!
All of Twice: [Start tearing up]
JYP: you’re doing amazing sweeties
Jimin Park: [Walks in] Hey PD-nim


Tzuyu: Why is Rose naked when she says “Draw me like one of your French girls”? Isn’t she supposed to be wearing a beret and holding a baguette?


Jin: [Stands next to Twice during the MGA encore stage] Can I be your tenth member?
Jihyo: Excuse me?
Jin: Please you gotta save me from the rest of BTS. I’m tired of all this complicated choreography
Nayeon: Did you not just see us performing Dance the Night Away and Yes or Yes back to back? You think our choreography is any easier?
Jin: Fair. But honestly I just wanna sing cute songs and act adorable on stage
Jeongyeon: I say we take him in. It’ll probably make Jimin really angry, and that’s gonna bring me a great deal of joy


Nayeon: [Eating a carrot] What’s up doc?

Momo: [Sigh] Just because we call you ‘bunny’ and you ‘bug’ us, doesn’t make you Bugs Bunny!


{On a Variety Show}

Host: In this game you take turns asking questions, but because of your new song, “Yes or Yes”, you have to answer every question with Yes.

Jihyo: Do you like my short hair?

Mina: Yes. Am I pretty?

Jihyo: Yes. Do you have Nayeon?

Mina: Yes. Do you like me?

Jihyo: …Yes.

Jihyo: …Will you marry me?