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Mina: Did you hear about Parasite?
Nayeon: Parasite?
Mina: How do you not know about it? It’s a Korean masterpiece
Nayeon: Yeah and so am I
Mina: Nayeon, it won Best Picture at the Oscars
Nayeon: My Instagram pictures get thousand of likes daily, what’s your point

{In a crowd}

Jeongyeon: Nayeon wtf let go of my hand

Nayeon: Shut up if I wasn’t gonna get lost I wouldn’t wanna hold your stupid hand

Jeongyeon, heartbroken: (she doesn’t wanna hold my hand she doesn’t wanna hold my hand she doesn’t wanna hold my hand she doesn’t wanna hold my hand)

{After Mina and Chae are married}

Chaeyoung: Do you love me?

Mina: Of course baby!

Chaeyoung: More than penguins?

Mina:…o-of c-course baby…

Chaeyoung: More than ketchup?

Mina: [Narrowing eyes] Know your limits.

Nayeon: Ugh this party is so boring wanna bail?

Jeongyeon: …this is my birthday party.

Jeongyeon: [Playing with legos]

Sana: You sure love making things with your hands huh?

Jeongyeon: Yup!

Sana: Then how about making me scream?

Mina: Gross! Get a room.

Chaeyoung: [Gets tattoos because there’s no paper to draw on]

Jihyo: Why can’t you just draw on the walls like a normal child!?

Nayeon: [Acts like a baby]

Jihyo: What’s wrong with her?

Tzuyu: She hasn’t taken her meds.

{Jihyo bringing Kang Daniel to the dorm when they first started dating}

Jihyo: Girls, I’ve brought someone very special toda-

Rest of Twice: [Screeching]


Jihyo: Haha…funny story, we’re dating.

Tzuyu: [Pointing at Daniel] yOu’Re nOT mY dAd

Dahyun: yOu nEveR wILL bE

Jihyo: No girls-

Mina: [On the verge of tears] you’ve been cheating on me-

Momo: oN US????

Daniel: I love this group already.

Jihyo: Hey Mina, do you want to come with us to the MAMA awards tonight?
Mina, staring into her crystal ball: Uh, no thanks

Sana: Twitter said Fancy SOTY
Sana: But M-Net said Fancy So-Long