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Mina: You call this tea?! This is just warm brown water! Do I need to teach you everything?

Mina: First of all, you need to pick the correct mug. Too wide and…

{30 minutes later}

Mina: …and that’s why you should stir with the spoon at precisely 73 degrees.

Jeongyeon: …you smeghead.


{After Chaeyoung and Tzuyu’s graduation}

Nayeon: Now they’re proper adults, I don’t have to sneak around buying alcohol on their behalf.


Nayeon: N..n..not that I ever did. I was just saying.


Momo, making The Circle™: You know what I’m saying?

Jeongyeon: You don’t even know what you’re saying!


Chaeyoung: Why is Momo locked outside

Mina: Jeongyeon watched the new Marie Kondo show

Chaeyoung: …and?

Mina: She said Momo doesn’t spark any joy

Chaeyoung: Then why hasn’t Nayeon been locked out as well

Jeongyeon: [Walking into the room with a vaccum cleaner over one shoulder] She’s on thin fucking ice


Mina: [Sulking quietly in her room]

Nayeon: Why is Mina brooding AGAIN? 

Tzuyu: She took a quiz to see how much of a penguin she is, she got 1%


Nayeon: My only fault is that I don’t have a girlfriend.


Nayeon: [Looking into a mirror] I’m the most beautiful woman alive

Jeongyeon: [Sarcastic] wOw arEn’t yOu jUst thE prEttiest?

Nayeon: Aww thanks Jeongyeon for stating the obvious

Jeongyeon: [Screams into a pillow]


{Twice stuck on an island}

Jihyo: Okay everyone don’t panic

Dayhun: I’m too young to die!

Nayeon: I’m the youngest here, I’m too young to die!!!

Jeongyeon: This isn’t the way I wanted to go!

Tzuyu: [Still thinking about what Nayeon said] ??????

Chaeyoung: it’s okay ~

Sana: At least we’re together

Mina: Noooo!! I was in playing a farming game, now I can’t harvest my crops on time!

Momo: okay, but if we resort to cannbilism, would I taste like jokbal?


Mina: This is a load of tomfoolery
Nayeon: Who the hell is Tom?
Mina: No it’s a saying-
Nayeon: You’re cheating on me!?
Mina: I’m not-
Nayeon: Jihyo! Mina is cheating on me with some white boy called Tom!


Tzuyu: [Makes fun of Chaeyoung’s height every spare second]

{When Twice visits an Obstacle Course}

Tzuyu: [Failing so hard with her giraffe limbs]

Chaeyoung: [Laughing] Payback