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Chaeyoung: Nayeon is always wearing berets because they cover up her bald spot.


Jeongyeon: [Grows her hair long]

Chaeyoung: [Sweating] Oh my. Is it hot in here?

Jihyo: [Cuts her hair short]

Chaeyoung: … [Faints]


Jihyo: I don’t wear bikini tops.

Jihyo: I used to but I stopped because they were always coming undone and falling off.

Sana: Yeah… no-one knows why that kept happening.


Sana: [Staring very intensely at Dahun’s chest]

Dahyun: What is it?

Sana: Your shirt.

Dahyun, looking down at her shirt: What’s wrong with it?

Sana: It’s still on you.


Tzuyu: [Singing] Like a bulldozer. Like a tank, like a soldier.

Momo: [Thinking] A tank of what?


{At the end of Avengers: Inifinity War}

Thanos: [Smiles]

Jihyo: AAAHHHHHHH!!!! [Tackles Thanos]

Jihyo: [Punching Thanos in the face repeatedly] You took my girls away from me!

Jihyo: [Kicks Thanos in the groin] BRING THEM BACK!

Thanos: [Squeaks] okay


Jihyo: Girls…where is Sana?

Nayeon: She’s hiding in the closet 

Jihyo: ??? Why?

Jeongyeon: She said it was “metaphorical”


Mina: [Ranting] Whoever made that crossword puzzle should be fired. They have no idea how to spell! Who spells “color” with a “u”?

Nayeon: Uhh, who the hell spells “colour” without the “u”?

Mina: Uhh, people who know how to spell correctly.

Momo: I can do that! C O R R E C T L Y.



Nayeon: You know, the silent treatment is a lot more effective if you aren’t usually silent.


Manager: Your next song is called BDZ.

Dahyun: I love that anime! I always wanted to be Freiza. Can I be Freiza?!

Jihyo: BDZ, not DBZ.