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Jihyo: [Holds up a cauliflower] What is this?
Momo: A cauliflower
Jihyo: [To Sana] And what did you say it was?
Sana: …
Sana: Ghost broccoli

Chaeyoung: I wish there was a word that meant “philosopher” but was like inherently an insult
Jihyo: Pedant
Momo: Wanker?
Mina: Sophist? Casuist?
Tzuyu: Fakedeep
Jeongyeon: “Philosophy Major”
Nayeon: “Academic”
Dahyun: Lesswronger
Sana: I think the word you’re looking for is “thot”

Dahyun: [On the phone to Jeongyeon] Why would I need gasoline to start a fire?
Dahyun: All I need is these two hands and a lack of supervision

Jihyo: What are your best qualities?
Sana: I have soft hair and sometimes I cry because I love my friends too much

Sana: [Does something cute]

Momo: [Under her breath] I’m in love with you

Sana: What?


Jihyo: You know, you have the right to remain silent
Dahyun: But do I have the ability?

Tzuyu: I’m not interested in you that way
Sana: What way?
Tzuyu: Pick one

Jeongyeon: [In the Twice dorm at 2am] Horny people have no rights. horny people are not protected under the constitution

Jeongyeon: If you are horny i WILL find you and then you will be sorry buster. unfollow me right fucking now if you are horny, have been horny, or ever will be horny

Jeongyeon: This is not a joke. please leave.

Chaeyoung: Only geniuses are able say these four words quickly: Eye. Yam. Stew. Peed.
Tzuyu: No one is going to fall for that-

Mina: Every time I Tzuyu see my heart clenches and I get nervous.
Jihyo: That’s because you love her
{On the other side of the dorm}
Tzuyu: Every time I see Mina my heart clenches and I get nervous.
Dahyun: Don’t get close to her again, you seem to have an allergic reaction.