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{Jihyo walks in to the twice dorm with Kang Daniel}

Tzuyu: Dad?

Daniel: dO I LoOK LiKE-

Nayeon: I love friendship
Nayeon: Almost as much as I love
Nayeon: MYSELF

Tzuyu: I don’t follow rules
Tzuyu: I follow dogs, on social media

Sana: What if I wanna have sex before I get married
Dahyun, holding her Bible: Well, then I guess you just have to be prepared to die

Dahyun: Fuck, marry, kill; Sana, Mina, and Momo
Chaeyoung: Marry Mina, fuck Sana, and kill Jeongyeon
Jeongyeon: I wasn’t even an option, what the fuck

Mina: Do you think Build-A-Bear is just a way to get kids interested in taxidermy?
Chaeyoung: It’s Valentine’s Day, please just accept the gift or not

Tzuyu: [Looking at a menu] What do you want for lunch?
Sana: [Shaking uncontrollably] I’m having a seizure
Tzuyu: Cesar salad? Great choice

Mina: [Teaching the other members about DC Comics] And this is Killer Croc
Momo: What does he do?
Chaeyoung: He’s unattractive and he bites people
Nayeon: [Snorts] Ha you’re not special buddy I can do that

Tzuyu: For a long time I thought I was depressed
Jeongyeon: Aw, dude
Tzuyu: Turns out I just really love dogs and when they leave I get sad

Dahyun: Do I look cute with this filter on?
Mina: You use it so much though
Chaeyoung: It’s because she hates her fucking nose
Dahyun: Chae shut the fuck up!
Chaeyoung: She really fucking hates her nose