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Momo: Is four a lot?

Tzuyu: Depends on the context.

Tzuyu: Dollars? No.

Tzuyu: Murders? Yes.


Mina: Why is the reading comprehension in this group so piss poor

Sana: How dare you say we piss on the poor


{In LA for Twicelights}

Dahyun: Wow it’s hot here

Sana: Cause you’re here

Nayeon: NO it’s cause I’m here


Jeongyeon: [In the Twice dorm at 2am] Horny people have no rights. horny people are not protected under the constitution

Jeongyeon: If you are horny i WILL find you and then you will be sorry buster. unfollow me right fucking now if you are horny, have been horny, or ever will be horny

Jeongyeon: This is not a joke. please leave.


Nayeon: Am I going too far?

Mina: No, no you went too far several hours ago. Now you’re going to prison


Sana: Are you getting enough sleep?

Mina: Sometimes when I sneeze my eyes close


Jihyo: Dahyun would throw herself in front of a car for you!

Tzuyu: Dahyun would throw herself in front of a car for fun


Dahyun: Did it hurt?

Mina: Yes.

Dahyun: you didn’t wait for the ”when you feel from heaven” part!

Mina: Everything hurts.


Dahyun: If your house was on fire and you could only take one thing what would it be?

Mina: A nap


Sana, walking into the kitchen shirtless: Hey, have you seen my top?

Mina: Yeah, Jihyo’s in her bedroom