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Dahyun: Yeah Netflix and chill is all well and good, but have you ever tried ice cream and crying? Now that hits different.

{Jihyo walks in to the twice dorm with Kang Daniel}

Tzuyu: Dad?

Daniel: dO I LoOK LiKE-

{In a crowd}

Jeongyeon: Nayeon wtf let go of my hand

Nayeon: Shut up if I wasn’t gonna get lost I wouldn’t wanna hold your stupid hand

Jeongyeon, heartbroken: (she doesn’t wanna hold my hand she doesn’t wanna hold my hand she doesn’t wanna hold my hand she doesn’t wanna hold my hand)

Dahyun: Sure, Jihyo-unnie might be scary when she’s mad

Dahyun: but have you heard Tzuyu click her tongue?

Dahyun: [shivers]

Nayeon: I’m head under heels for you

Jeongyeon: Isn’t it head over heels?

Nayeon: no

Nayeon: step on me

Nayeon: plz


Dahyun: Fuck you

Rest of twice: she’s trying


Sana: I mean

Mina: She kissed you?

Dahyun: Yeah

Mina: And you kissed her back?

Dahyun: No, I kissed her mouth

{After Mina and Chae are married}

Chaeyoung: Do you love me?

Mina: Of course baby!

Chaeyoung: More than penguins?

Mina:…o-of c-course baby…

Chaeyoung: More than ketchup?

Mina: [Narrowing eyes] Know your limits.

Nayeon: Ugh this party is so boring wanna bail?

Jeongyeon: …this is my birthday party.

Nayeon: I tried to change my computer’s password to “Chaeyoung” but it said too short.